Remember FRUITY From “Son Pari”? Here’s How ‘SHE’ Looks Now – Tanvi Hegde

Remember Fruity from the famous fantasy-adventure TV serial “Son Pari”?, made the childhood of 90’s kids Ittu bittu jim patuta” was that one spell that kids used to use almost everywhere.

Fruity aka Tanvi Hegde because we haven’t really seen her in anything mainstream for a while. I have always wondered what she grew up to look like.

So Tanvi Hedge has gone transform from this…




To this… look her latest photographs…




Isn’t she beautiful?





Fruity, we surely want to see you back on television!





Well, it’s been more than a decade and with time, Fruity aka Tanvi has grown up too; and tranforms to be hotter and more gorgeous than she was cute and beautiful in childhood.




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